Seweweekpoort & Montagu

March 18, 2016


In the morning we find our way back from Hell, drive through the Swartbergpass to Prince Albert and the Seweweekpoort.

To get an idea of the Seweweekpoort, check out this clip:

March 19, 2016

Montagu, a little village in the Eastern Cape, about 180 km from Capetown. The village is surrounded by accessible rock formations which makes it one of the best climbing destinations in South Africa. It is almost evening when we drive down the drive way of a campground full of climbers. We know we’re in the right place when we see a lot of small dome shaped tents of brands like MSR and Black Diamond. Next to a fire we meet enthusiastic climbers and the next morning my incomplete equipment is complete and I’m ready to go climbing.

After this great climbing session we visit a small festival in town with our new friends. The Parlotones are playing, a South African band from Johannesburg who have had a few international hits. 

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